Mariah Carey Sunglasses

Feast your precious peepers on this dazzling pair of Dior sunglasses worn by Mariah Carey.

This look really suits Mariah Carey perfectly, they are so posh looking with an abundance of bling on both sides and surrounding the lenses.

When i first saw these, i immediately thought "now this is an expensive pair of sunglasses" and much to my dismay, they are indeed quite pricey, $300!

If you have the money to shell out, the model name is Indinight 2 and the designer is Dior.


Mariah Carey Butterfly Tattoo Design

The lovely and talented Mariah Carey has a couple of tattoos on her body that we know about, one of them is the fabulously colorful butterfly in the picture above, and the other tattoo reads "Mrs. Cannon" which she got just before her marriage to Nick Cannon.

Do you know of anymore tattoo designs that Mariah Carey may have?

If so, let me know and i will post about those tattoos as well.


Mariah Carey Breast Implants?

I think its safe to say that our beloved Mariah Carey, has indeed went under the knife at some point, for one or two separate breast implants procedures over the last few years.


Mariah Carey Look-A-Like

I have been searching the web in an effort to find the very best Mariah Carey look a like, and here is what i have come up with.

Is this a good Mariah Carey look a like?


Mariah Carey Desktop Wallpapers

My favorite wallpaper pics of world famous celeb singer Mariah Carey.

Amazing talent and natural beauty for sure.